About Us

SF Marketing is a professional digital marketing agency
It is also a media advertising agency sales company.

We work with large companies

Our details

SF Marketing (HONG KONG HUIXIN SIFANG LIMITED) is a digital media marketing agency based in Hong Kong.
We provide a full range of social media, digital media operations and consulting services, and we are also a digital media advertising distributor. We sell ads from large digital and social media companies to clients who need them.

Six types of services we offer

IT Service #1

We provide website & app building and maintenance services, whether you are a B2B or B2C business, we can find the right technical solution for you.

Marketing Plan#2

Combined with your project, we can provide you with a proven marketing plan so that you no longer start your marketing actions blindly.

Open Ads accounts #3

Depending on your business form, we can open advertising accounts for you for each media channel, and the accounts we open will have a higher weighting.

Ad Hosting & Optimization #4

Even if you don’t know anything about the use of marketing ads, it doesn’t matter, we provide you with result-oriented hosting and optimization services.

Training & Consulting #5

We can provide you or your team with a complete multimedia marketing training service, and if you encounter problems in the process of marketing, we can provide you with diagnostic and consulting services.

Social Media Operations #6

We can build or host your social media for you, so that your social media is presented to your customers in a professional manner.

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